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Addition to luxury accommodation, we also offer relaxing service dedicated to beauty and health. Pamper yourself with sauna world Magnus. Finland, Sweden, herbal inhalation, steam sauna (steam bath), Ice Cave are the right choice for the regeneration of the body and the soul. Enjoy the gentle water massage in the jacuzzi, relax in the tepidáriách, have a dip in the Spa bar. Treat yourself to the pleasure of the comprehensive care, absolutely, you release relaxing, reflective or by massage. The Wellness Centre is available to the public and free of charge for hotel guests, corporate groups.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 14:00-23:00
Saturday-Sunday, public holidays: 12:00-23:00

Entrance to Wellness is dipping.

Price list


A Finnish sauna, a Swedish sauna, herbal sauna, Tepidarium, Jacuzzi, Hammam, Ice Cave,

Staying guest free of charge

A one time entry to the Wellness Centre (2 hours)
adult € 16.30
a child aged 7-12 years € 8.30
child up to 7 years free of charge

A group of max 20 people € 332
(The possibility of individual discounts)

10 inputs 83 €
20 inputs 166 €

Borrowing a bathrobe 2 €
Slippers for 1 use 3 €


Classic massage
partial (30 min) € 15
the whole body (60 min) € 28
the whole body (90 minutes) € 39
Reflexology foot massage 25 min € 16
Hot stone massage 60 min € 35
Banks massage 30 min € 16
Cosmetic lymph drainage facial 40 min € 22
Lymphatic drainage of the legs: € 22
Lymphatic drainage of the whole body 90 min 45
Sports massage 30 min € 16
Honey massage 20 min. € 15

VIP Massage
Classic partial 30 min-10 inputs, 130
Classic partial 30 min-20 entries 220
Classic whole body 1 HR-10 input 250
Classic full body 1 hour-20 inputs 440
The world of Wellness + massage of 30 min-10 inputs € 210
The world of Wellness + Massage 30 mins-20 inputs € 400
Lymphatic drainage facial pool season ticket 10 inputs € 180
Lymphatic drainage of the legs 10 pool season ticket € 180

Gift vouchers

Gift voucher “wellness World”
(access to wellness)
16 €
Gift voucher “world of wellness + massage”
(access to the spa + massage classic 30 min)
30 €



Infra sauna
Temperature of 50 ° C-60 ° C
Infrared light penetrates deeply under the skin and has a beneficial effect in the treatment of rheumatism, asthma, celutídy, sore joints and muscles. Vypudzuje toxins from the body.
The Finnish sauna
The temperature of 90 ° C to 105 ° C, dry sauna
The sauna soothes and relaxed. I support the hardening. Has beneficial effects in inflammation and allergies of the respiratory system. The high temperature has a large burden on the body.
Herbal sauna
The temperature of 40 ° C-50 ° C, steam sauna
Inhalation of herbs in a pleasant atmosphere is soothing. Cures and disinfect the Airways. Has beneficial effects on the skin, and headaches.
Sauna Hammam
The temperature of 45 ° C-50 ° C, steam sauna
Hot sauna in combination with cold water in motion processes that support the regeneration of the body. Strengthening the immune system. It is suitable for breathing problems. From the body of the odplavujú debris, and improves blood circulation.

Swedish sauna
The temperature of 70 ° C-80 ° C, dry sauna
It is excellent as a precaution against the disease, and increases the resistance of the organism. Improves the mobility of muscles, joints. Provides the blood supply to the brain, limbs, and skin.
Rest the 26 ° C-38 ° C
Ice Cave
The cooling Room 3 ° C to 5 ° C
bubble bath

Swedish sauna
The temperature of 70 ° C-80 ° C, dry sauna
It is excellent as a precaution against the disease, and increases the resistance of the organism. Improves the mobility of muscles, joints. Provides the blood supply to the brain, limbs, and skin.
Rest the 26 ° C-38 ° C
Ice Cave
The cooling Room 3 ° C to 5 ° C
bubble bath


Classic massage
Classic massage is one of the most-used treatments. It’s a set of flowing strokes, which the masseur applies to the body of the client with the aim of therapeutic or preventive. The overall effect is achieved by improving the blood flow to the periphery. Speed up the flow of venous blood is positively reflected on the activity of the heart. Sets the internal organs, blood circulation improves the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs, as well as internal breathing and thermoregulatory processes.
Classical massage helps you:
-stiff muscles
-diseases of the locomotor system, the muscles after injuries
-diseases of nervous system
-diseases of the digestive system
-muscle fatigue
Classic massage is a very pleasant and belongs to the most effective masážam.

Lymphatic massage
Lymphatic massage is a very gentle massage technique, flowing strokes, which is intended to restore and increase the flow of lymph, because the lymphatic system has its “pumper”. When the lymphatic system is not working or is it activity slowed, remain the rests of metabolism in the tissue. By using lymphatic massage, lymph activates and flushes out harmful substances out of the body.
Effects of Lymphatic massage:
-It strengthens the immunity of the
-reduces or eliminates
-helps to remove the feeling of heavy legs or cramp after a long load
-rehabilitation of athletes
-quicker regeneration after physical load

Honey massage
Honey massage is detoxification massage with honey. Very effective against advanced disease, it can be applied in managing stress, and when spring cleaning cures. During a massage, honey there is to eliminate toxins from deep within the body that have accumulated in your body tissues throughout life. The healing power of honey bee honey massage acts directly through the skin, stimulating the reflex zones of the back. Honey massage supports the activities of the authorities and may also participate in their recovery. Strongly boosts the whole body.

Banking massage
The Bank is based on Chinese banking practices massage therapy to the affected area of the glass giving the banknotes. The method is known since the middle ages as a kind of cleansing treatment, which is doing a toxic substance. It has strong detoxifying effect. Cupping is used to release the pain of musculoskeletal system, voltage, but to relieve some of the internal problems. The Bank operates physical, reflexively and metabolically by influence metabolism, activates blood and the lymphatic system and stimulate the immunity of the organism.

Hot stone massage
Among the sought after therapy for total relaxation and regeneration of the body. This massage is done with a special massage, flowing strokes and hot stones. The combination of heat, touch, and heated stones becomes an unforgettable experience for the client. Lava stones are basalt-volcanic origin. They have extremely strong energy vibration. Heat transfer and energy transmission of oxygen, stimulates and detoxifies the body, oxygenates tissues and has a positive effect on the blood and the lymphatic system.

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